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    Dorado Beach Golf Course, Puerto Rico
  • Dominican Republic Golf Association
    La Cana Golf Course, Dominican Republic
  • Jamaica
    Caymanas Golf & Country Club, Jamaica
  • Cayman Islands Golf Association
    North Sound Golf Club, Cayman Islands
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    Barbado Golf Club, Barbados
  • Trinidad and Tobago
    St. Andrews Golf Club, Trinidad & Tobago

2020 CAGC - Barbados (CANCELLED)

The 2020 Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships will be held at the Barbados Golf Club in Barbados, July 20 - July 26, 2020.

The dates are as follows:

July 20                   Team Arrival

July 21                   Practice day

July 22                  Competition day

July 23                  Competition day

July 24                  Competition day

July 25                  Competition day

July 26                   Team departure

The confirmed venue is the Barbados Golf Club, Durants, Christ Church.


History of the CAGC

History of the Championships - The Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships began in 1957 when Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago competed in the inaugural Hoerman Cup, which was donated by Dr. Erik Hoerman of Jamaica. In 1964, Puerto Rico joined the competition, followed by the Bahamas in 1965, the Dominican Republic in 1968, Barbados in 1970, the OECS in 1986, the Cayman Islands in 1995, the Turks & Caicos Islands in 1996 and the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1998.

The tournament was expanded in 1969 to accommodate Senior Men golfers (50 years of age and over), competing for a cup donated by Dr. Jan Steele-Perkins and Mr. Frank Francis of the Bahamas. This ultimately led to two additional divisions of competition added to allow Super Seniors (Male golfers 60 years of age and over) and Ladies to compete. The Super Seniors compete for the Higgs and Higgs Trophy, donated by Mr. Fred Higgs of the Bahamas and Mr. Vic Higgs of Jamaica, while the Ladies play for the George Teale Memorial Trophy, donated in memory of Mr. George Teale of Puerto Rico.

In 2003, play for the Mid-Amateur division (golfers 35 years of age and over) was introduced, competing for the Ramon Baez Figueroa Trophy donated by the Dominican Republic Golf Federation.

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